Saturday, July 16, 2011

And, we're off!

Hey Friends! By the time you read this, we should be in the air on our way to Texas for a week! Before leaving, I came across two blog posts that caused me a little concern. The first was from a new blog I just discovered, (and fell in love with), called "Birthday Girl." She had these clever free printables to take with you on an airplane if your kid happens to be a screamer. (Eh-hem, yes I know a screamer -- SIERRA!) So clever and cute, but alas I didn't feel like going through the effort.

Next, I discovered that Apartment Therapy had tips for traveling on an airplane with a lap child. I was actually excited to gather some tips, but discovered they were geared more towards babies than my active toddler.

So, what are we doing? Bringing dvds, lollipops, and lots of prayers! Can't wait to let you know how it went. See you in a week!

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jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Oh - hope your trip is awesome! We just got back from a cross-country trip to WI. Kids did great on the plane! Lots of snacks, movies, games, pics, magazines, talking ... :-) This 3hr was considerable easier than our May trip to NYC which was 5 hours!

Congrats again on the new house! Although I always feel like such a slouch when I see all the amazing things you do with your girls on a daily basis, I am always inspired and motivated by your enthusiasm! Thank you!!!

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