Monday, February 28, 2011


Costco has a coupon for Izze's this week, so we bought a couple cases. Not only are they super yummy, but they have the cutest bottles! I just can't seem to throw them away. Aren't they cheerful? I think I have the perfect vases for the future lavender the girls will pick. And, the lids... also, cute. What do you think? Magnets? Play dough toys? I just can't seem to throw those away, either.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Out of the Blue

I posted about my bathroom verse a while ago... Psalm 118:24 "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." It is directly across from my shower, so I see it as I am taking a shower... the purpose, of course, is to read it each day and remind myself to be intentional about praising God for that day.

The other morning, I woke-up to 3 sick girls. I knew Daniel wasn't going to be home for 3 days, and I was very tired. My first prayer was, "Lord, help me to get through until Daniel gets home." Immediately I looked-up and saw the verse and was convicted. In my heart, I had just prayed that God would rush me through the next 3 days. Instead of changing my prayer to thank Him for the gift of that day, I then asked God how I was suppose to rejoice in a rainy, exhausted, sick environment?? (I am super embarrassed to even type that, but it's true!)

God responded. "Be thankful." Well, DUH! Right away I told the girls we needed to thank God for everything about that day. The coziness of the rain, the warm house, a chance to wear sweatshirts, how the sickness made us appreciative of our health, and on and on we went. It was a lesson for me, really, but I wanted it to be for them, as well.

My heart did begin to change immediately, but that's not to say it stayed that way. Throughout the day, I continually looked for ways to be thankful for THAT DAY. I snuggled with Sierra and didn't worry about the house. I read a lot with the girls, and enjoyed it myself.

The next 2 days, as yucky as the girls and the weather was, were not so bad. I can't even explain why, except I felt very aware of God's presence and the peace that passes all understanding. Oh, if only I could remember this more often. I still see the verse every day.... why is it so hard?

Today is day 5, and we still have fevers and throwing-up for the 2 big girls. I am thankful my husband took the day off, I was able to run, the snow on the mountains was incredible, and Sierra is doing much better. I titled this post "Out of the Blue," for 2 reasons: 1. The bathroom is blue. Ha! 2. Out of the blue, Sierra began repeating words today... I am so grateful Daniel was home to hear it. She said, "turtle, shoe, flower," and about 2 more that totally blew our minds. She has never repeated words for us before, so it was an especially exciting day!

Lord, THIS is the day you made... I am choosing to rejoice and be glad in it. You are SO good all the time!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Sad Story... (with a happy ending!)

Once upon a time there were three sick girls. Today the littlest one seemed to be on the mend, but the older 2 awoke with fevers, once again.

They looked outside wondering if they could play. What would the weather be like today?

The littlest one went out, and it was quite cold. But that didn't stop her from playing with a little thing of bubbles she found. She was quite content, and didn't want to go back in. But, alas, her nose started dripping, again.

Just look at the snow behind their house! The big girls just had to see it, so Mom bundled them up and took them out for a quick peak.

Side note: Mom sure hopes this freezing weather doesn't ruin her lovely apricots!

There was yet another reason the girls went out. They had already missed their gymnastics class, a field trip to the Discovery Center, and now a birthday party. But, the sweet neighbors called and invited them to get their birthday goodies, (these fun flowers) and some cupcakes.

The brief walk did cause more throw-up. (Very sorry for the graphic details, but it's part of the story!) But, that was good... they needed to get it out! More importantly, it brightened their spirits, and brightened their yard!

And, with cupcakes as pretty as these, it has to be a happy ending!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wild Olive

Ok, so I just discovered an awesome Christian t-shirt company that is run by 3 moms... how cool is that? They are having a giveaway where you can win a sweatshirt. Be sure to check it out here.

Designing Dolls

Oh, how I love success! Success = coming up with a project both girls love that occupies them for a long time. (I couldn't have done it unless Daniel came home to occupy Sierra!)

Originally, I designed six dolls for each girl. In the end, I made 10 for Allison, and 11 for Natalie! I'd say that was success!

As much as the girls loved painting their dolls, they loved designing and naming them, as well. I would ask what length hair, straight or curly, clothe style, and then they got to name them. SO cute!

I think the idea is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you want the details, here they are. I took white card stock, and cut it into thirds. I used a black fine-tip marker to draw each doll. Each head is a u-shape with the same eyes and mouth. From there, the girls designed the rest.

I loved this name... Mia Maria. Only Natalie! (She also named one "Matalie." Ha! :) )

Just look at all these dolls! I think we'll be doing this again, real soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We're Off to See...

Guess which movie we watched this afternoon?

Thanks for the cute plates and cups, Grandma. They cheered us up as we watched our special movie and thought of you. There's nothing like a movie when you're sick, sick, sick!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Parenting Advice from an Expert

Ha! No expert here... This is just a more "clever" ploy to make yet another random post seem more cohesive. :)

1. Plant lavender for your kids. It smells yummy, grows like a weed, has several uses, and most importantly your kids can always pick you a lovely bouquet.

2. Enjoy a cup of coffee. (This is a recent discovery.) My coffee machine recently broke, but it was a cold morning and I was exhausted... what is a mom to do? I decided to make an Americano, (Starbuck's term for espresso and hot water.) Wow... what a discovery! I will never go back. See the foam on top? Mmmm... If coffee is not your thing, find another morning tradition you enjoy.

3. Cut your 1-year-old's fingerails before teaching her the parts of the face such as the nose. Just sayin'.

4. Write your personal thank-you cards in front of your kids. That way they see the importance of it and know it's not just something you make them do. :)

5. I know we're all suppose to be health-conscious and buy whole grain breads and such, but come on... is there anything yummier than grilled cheese with real butter, cheddar cheese on sourdough? Splurge sometimes and get the sourdough! (But don't let your husband take the kids shopping alone, or sourdough will be the norm and you will never see the multi-grain stuff!)

6. Get a dog. I love this dog! He encourages us to play outside, (and go to the park), makes me feel secure on nights Daniel is working, gives the girls a responsibility, but also another playmate.

7. Let the kids get dirty. That's what baths are for. We've recently started digging around in the garden, and I am now so excited for spring. What to plant...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


She really is sick. Coughing. Faucet nose. Throwing-up. Not eating.
Not sleeping.

Poor baby!
Biggest sister seems to be coming down with it, too. Funny how my 2 bad sleepers are also the ones who get sick most often. Hmmm....
On that note, I better get some rest, myself. I've been living on coffee and chocolate. (The real caffeinated kind!)
Pray for us, and I'll be back, soon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A good read...

It was Saturday morning. I was tired. Daniel was home. I decided to go to my room and take a nap. I walked in and picked-up this book I got for my birthday. I started to read. I kept reading. I finished the book. What a rare and wonderful thing that was! It's a great book, that really puts the reality of Heaven at the forefront of your mind. I recommend it. Happy reading!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snapshots of our Week

Valentines crafts and decor are now put away... until next year! My sweet friend Melissa summed up my thoughts, exactly. You can read them here.

This little Sweetpea has a cold; (or is it teething?) Either way, it breaks my heart!

These girls love to practice their hammering:

Making "fairy dust" with the chalk. (The front of our house is oh-so-lovely!)

Check out her knees... gotta love being the third child!

Daniel expanded on our baked zucchini fries, and added onion rings... yummy!

My girls are in a "hat phase" and I love it! This one was handmade by our dear "Uncle Glory."

We went for a family run this morning. It was FREEZING! (Interpretation for our midwest friends: 51 degrees!) The littlest ones fell asleep. Say it with me; awww...

And, the close-up:

We had a fun afternoon with dear friends. The girls didn't want us, (the grown-ups), in with them, so I sat in our room with Daniel listening to their cuteness. They laughed and laughed. Little Nia has the sweetest laugh, ever! It needs to be recorded.

We ended our date with popcorn and a movie.

And, those are the random snapshots of our week!
I'm off to enjoy the season premiere of "The Amazing Race."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Week Later...

Last Saturday was so hot, we walked across the street to the Victoria Gardens Fountains and played for a while. (Sierra chose to play in the stroller, while the big girls splished and splashed).

Today we may splish and splash as well, but in our rain boots and all bundled up. What a difference a week makes! Hoping this storm brings lots of snow to the mountains, as we haven't had our annual sledding trip yet, this year!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We love our local Christian radio station, 89.7 KSGN! I originally signed my girls up to say the Pledge of Allegiance back in September when school started, but didn't hear back from them. I recently got an e-mail saying they tried to contact me back in November, but to no avail and thought they'd try again. I'm so glad they did!

The people were so nice, and gave us a wonderful little tour...

The girls even got to use the folding machine and the stamping machine!

When it came time to say the Pledge, they did great... I attempted to video tape it, but apparently I forgot to push a certain button. Oops! We'll just have to wait until they send us the audio to hear it!

I had to laugh... when they replayed it for the girls, Allison plugged her ears. That's so something I would have done at her age! :)

We left with big balloons and big smiles! The parking lot is surrounded by an orange orchard, so we also left with a few oranges. It was a fun experience!

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