Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Parenting Advice from an Expert

Ha! No expert here... This is just a more "clever" ploy to make yet another random post seem more cohesive. :)

1. Plant lavender for your kids. It smells yummy, grows like a weed, has several uses, and most importantly your kids can always pick you a lovely bouquet.

2. Enjoy a cup of coffee. (This is a recent discovery.) My coffee machine recently broke, but it was a cold morning and I was exhausted... what is a mom to do? I decided to make an Americano, (Starbuck's term for espresso and hot water.) Wow... what a discovery! I will never go back. See the foam on top? Mmmm... If coffee is not your thing, find another morning tradition you enjoy.

3. Cut your 1-year-old's fingerails before teaching her the parts of the face such as the nose. Just sayin'.

4. Write your personal thank-you cards in front of your kids. That way they see the importance of it and know it's not just something you make them do. :)

5. I know we're all suppose to be health-conscious and buy whole grain breads and such, but come on... is there anything yummier than grilled cheese with real butter, cheddar cheese on sourdough? Splurge sometimes and get the sourdough! (But don't let your husband take the kids shopping alone, or sourdough will be the norm and you will never see the multi-grain stuff!)

6. Get a dog. I love this dog! He encourages us to play outside, (and go to the park), makes me feel secure on nights Daniel is working, gives the girls a responsibility, but also another playmate.

7. Let the kids get dirty. That's what baths are for. We've recently started digging around in the garden, and I am now so excited for spring. What to plant...

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Katie said...

LOVE this post!! Great, fun ideas and wishing I cut Britta's fingernails as I too have a similar looking scratch on my nose...only my nose isn't as cute :)

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