Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We love our local Christian radio station, 89.7 KSGN! I originally signed my girls up to say the Pledge of Allegiance back in September when school started, but didn't hear back from them. I recently got an e-mail saying they tried to contact me back in November, but to no avail and thought they'd try again. I'm so glad they did!

The people were so nice, and gave us a wonderful little tour...

The girls even got to use the folding machine and the stamping machine!

When it came time to say the Pledge, they did great... I attempted to video tape it, but apparently I forgot to push a certain button. Oops! We'll just have to wait until they send us the audio to hear it!

I had to laugh... when they replayed it for the girls, Allison plugged her ears. That's so something I would have done at her age! :)

We left with big balloons and big smiles! The parking lot is surrounded by an orange orchard, so we also left with a few oranges. It was a fun experience!

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Karen Hyde said...

Very cool! I used to hear the pledge every morning on my way to take Camden to pre-school. Now we're on a different schedule so I miss it. Too bad!

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