Friday, February 25, 2011

Designing Dolls

Oh, how I love success! Success = coming up with a project both girls love that occupies them for a long time. (I couldn't have done it unless Daniel came home to occupy Sierra!)

Originally, I designed six dolls for each girl. In the end, I made 10 for Allison, and 11 for Natalie! I'd say that was success!

As much as the girls loved painting their dolls, they loved designing and naming them, as well. I would ask what length hair, straight or curly, clothe style, and then they got to name them. SO cute!

I think the idea is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you want the details, here they are. I took white card stock, and cut it into thirds. I used a black fine-tip marker to draw each doll. Each head is a u-shape with the same eyes and mouth. From there, the girls designed the rest.

I loved this name... Mia Maria. Only Natalie! (She also named one "Matalie." Ha! :) )

Just look at all these dolls! I think we'll be doing this again, real soon!

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