Sunday, February 13, 2011

He did it...

... AGAIN! When I was little, I always wanted a surprise party. I don't know if I ever told anyone that. Somehow, I don't think so! Enter Daniel. Perhaps I let it slip, once... or perhaps God whispered it on his heart. I really should ask him. Whatever the case, I have now lost count of how many surprise parties he has thrown me!

This was the first time he did it 2 years in a row; and both were huge bashes! I cannot tell you how humbling it is... how blessed I feel.... how overwhelmed with love and joy I felt... how much I love and appreciate my incredible friends!

As I looked around the room, all I could think was WOW.... I absolutely LOVE all these people. The room was not filled with acquaintances, but each and every one was a significant "best" friend; someone I would love and trust with all my heart. All I could think was, I am sooooo blessed!

The party was held in a large room (we had 60 people) at Bucca di Beppo. It was perfect for all the little munchkins running around! The food was excellent, too. I believe we are having leftovers tonight!

As if going to all the trouble of planning a surprise party wasn't enough, Daniel designed the amazing cake(s) seen below; (a box of "chocolates" with a lid!) Isn't that incredible? It was made by my favorite bakery; Some Crust in Claremont. I am still consuming leftovers and have already gained weight... it's so worth it, though!

And, here is the handsome man behind it all... the one I prayed for for so many years, and God delivered more than I could have asked for! Thank you, LOML! You bless me more than you know, and you've set the bar pretty high for our girls! :)

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