Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Mail Bags

So, I assume you have all seen the adorable Valentine Mail Bags from Pottery Barn that hang on the back of your chair. If not, here you go:
And now you must agree with me that they are awesome! However, they are expensive (strike 1), no longer in stock (strike 2), and not as "personal" as they could be (strike 3). You know what 3 strikes means! Time to find a way to make these myself. Being that I began my sewing career at 35 years old, minimal sewing is always good. So, here is what I did. First, I ignored this:
(That was for Jennifer.) See, Jennifer... if you were here and not at home on your computer you would know what a disaster it is! Ok, moving on... I bought a bunch of felt bags on sale for $1.69 each at Michael's, along with some cute ribbon I let the girls pick out as follows: (Allison picked the polka dots, and Natalie picked the cherries.)
First, I cut off all the handles. That was easy enough!

The rest of the steps were equally simple. Here they are:
That's it... truly! I didn't even have to "bling them." Personally, I am more of a minimalist. My girls, however, are all girly and need the bling. I think they will be pleasantly surprised when they wake-up tomorrow. Want to see what they'll find? Here they are:
I doubt the girls will even wait for me before they begin to make Valentines to fill these with. It's going to be fun! I can't wait to show you the Valentines we're making for their friends... I love this time of year!


Jennifer said...

Super cute bags! Before I even read your comment about the "mess", I started giggling and remembered our conversation. Then I read your comment and started clapping!

Karen Hyde said...

Those are crazy cute! That's a long way from the old shoe box with random construction paper glued all over. ;)

Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Awww... thanks, friends! It was fun to do a craft without the girls for once. :)

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