Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Sad Story... (with a happy ending!)

Once upon a time there were three sick girls. Today the littlest one seemed to be on the mend, but the older 2 awoke with fevers, once again.

They looked outside wondering if they could play. What would the weather be like today?

The littlest one went out, and it was quite cold. But that didn't stop her from playing with a little thing of bubbles she found. She was quite content, and didn't want to go back in. But, alas, her nose started dripping, again.

Just look at the snow behind their house! The big girls just had to see it, so Mom bundled them up and took them out for a quick peak.

Side note: Mom sure hopes this freezing weather doesn't ruin her lovely apricots!

There was yet another reason the girls went out. They had already missed their gymnastics class, a field trip to the Discovery Center, and now a birthday party. But, the sweet neighbors called and invited them to get their birthday goodies, (these fun flowers) and some cupcakes.

The brief walk did cause more throw-up. (Very sorry for the graphic details, but it's part of the story!) But, that was good... they needed to get it out! More importantly, it brightened their spirits, and brightened their yard!

And, with cupcakes as pretty as these, it has to be a happy ending!

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