Friday, February 11, 2011

Play Dough Valentines

This year for Valentines we are doing something a little different. Each year, I pull out the heart foamies, doilies, stickers, crayons, pink and red paper, and let the girls go crazy. They make several adorable Valentines, and I have every intention of sending them... really, I do. Somehow, (please don't read on if you are a Yeh girl), they get thrown out long after V-day is over. I know, I know... it's sad, but true!

This year we decided to do play dough to give out. That way I can not only clean out my old baby jars, (sorry Grandma, I stashed some away where you couldn't find them), but I also will be sure to give these out because they're too big to sit on my desk and not annoy me.

You can find recipes all over the internet for play dough. We did the "kool aid and glitter" version, so they smell yummy, have the pretty color, and sparkle!

Once again, I pulled out my baker's twine. I will probably never use it all, but what a gift to pass on to my kids! (At the rate I'm going, it will certainly be missing a big chunk!) I bought 6-packs of plastic Valentine cookie cutters from the 99 Cent store, printed and cut some free tags from Eightcrazy, used a little fun tape, and voila! Here are 2 of the finished projects:

Happy Valentine Weekend!
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