Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Great Outdoors!

It is so hard to get motivated to blog without personal pictures.  All day long I was longing or my camera... but, I will blog anyway and I dedicate this blog to the 3 sisters who have so kindly commented and who are looking for home preschool ideas.

Today we went with the "Great Outdoors" theme.  We started off by learning to pitch a tent.  (I have a pretty simple tent, so it was easy for the little ones to help!)  We then read "Going on a Bear Hunt," inside the tent.  We then came out and made a fire... (Again, I have a gas pit, which made it pretty simple!)  We read some Easter stories, then went out front to search for eggs.  We then came back to our fire, and made s'mores.  

Next, we came inside and made mini-tents out of stick pretzels for poles, marshmallows for corners, and a fruit roll-up to drape on top. I had the idea one night when I couldn't sleep, and was happy they actually turned out pretty cute!  We also colored pictures of Diego the Animal Rescuer with some of his wild animals.  

Finally, it was off to the Bass Pro shop to see more wild animals, and drive the boats.  I think the kids would have gladly skipped lunch and naps to play there all day.  But, us Mama's needed to eat!  It's nice to live across the street!

Again, I wish I had pictures... 

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3 SISTERS said...

Thank you so much for dedicating your post to us and the great ideas. You are so creative. I am starting a notebook and I will be writing down all of your cute ideas. This will help with planning my week. I love BASS PRO SHOP!!

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