Friday, April 17, 2009

Jello, corn syrup, and... painting?!

We've filled the fridge and freezer with groceries, put away the suitcases, and finished a bazillion loads of laundry! That means today was back to feeling like a "normal" day, and it was SO nice!
Since I've been pregnant, I've had to take a nap each afternoon, and Allison has been so sweet about playing by herself. So, today I decided to do some afternoon crafts with her instead of nappping. First came "jello paint..."

As you can see, jello paint was quite messy and didn't work all that well. (It sure smelled yummy, though!) If you are brave enough to try it yourself, here is the recipe:

1 pkg. sugar free jello

2 Tbsp. hot water

Mix and let sit 2 minutes. Then use as finger paints on aluminum foil, shiny side down.

Considering the jello paint a sort of "flop," we moved on to "sticky paints." Let me tell ya, these live up to their name! But, they're a lot of fun! The colors are so vibrant! It's simply corn syrup and food coloring. Simple. Fun. And, surprisingly not that messy, though very sticky!

See the painting hanging below? The red circle in the middle was originally not filled-in. Allison then commented, "I made a hole! I am going to fill it in with Jesus' love." Awww...

Once Natalie woke-up, she joined in the fun as well. (I'm glad she slept through the jello part!) I always love Natalie's artwork. She uses lots of color, and it always seems so interesting. I even have her first painting ever framed!

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