Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Tooth Lost!

Just 3 weeks after turning five, Allison has lost her first tooth! It's been loose since a few weeks before her birthday, and she has had me wiggle it every day! Ecstatic can hardly describe her excitement.

She lost it this morning while at VBS, so the teacher put it in a baggy for me. Luckily, my sweet friend called to let me know. That gave me exactly 90 minutes to whip together a toothfairy pillow! No pattern; just a vague idea in my mind...

As soon as we noticed her tooth was loose, I took Allison to JoAnn's and let her pick out whatever fabric she wanted from the quilting quarters section. It's not what I would have chosen, but that's ok. I'm so glad I at least had the supplies.

I almost made it in time. All I had left to do was to hand stitch the corner when Allison got home.

Holding her tooth, which she has lost twice this morning, already. It is now safely stored away in it's baggy!

The finished pillow... (my first curved sewing project!) SEW glad kids don't care about perfection. :) Allison loves her pillow, and I am happy. So, what is the going rate for teeth these days?


jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Oh - we are SO close to losing our first over here, too!! Except she doesn't want it wiggled, so it's been loose for 2 months!!! I can even see the other one behind it! Alas, I have no sewing skills, so it'll have to go into a little "first tooth" ceramic mini-box thingy. Hmmm, whatever can the tooth fairy fit into replace it ... it's quite small!

Hino Kids said...

Hee Hee - so fun! Congrats Allison! We've talked up a quarter being "quite alot" especially since it's the "biggest" coin... so toothfairy here gives half dollar per lost tooth - should have seen their eyes!! Congrats!

Katie Wheeler said...

I need to make Grace's tooth fairy pillow so I came to your blog for inspiration. I had her choose some fabric from my stash but you inspired me... tomorrow we will take a trip to JoAnn's too- kind of a rite of passage- and let her choose her fabric. I'm excited to see what she will choose from the vast assortment. Thanks (again) for wonderful ideas. I can always count on you, my friend!

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