Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Ritzy Getaway!

Did I ever tell you that back in October I won a night at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point at Daniel's firefighter picnic? We decided to use it to extend Allison's birthday celebration, and even though it was only a night, it was INCREDIBLE!!! We first stopped at 85 Degrees in Irvine, and I found a new love -- sea salt coffee! Wow, is it incredible! I will find a way to replicate it and let you know! Not to mention, the pastries at this place... glad I don't live closer, or I would weigh twice as much!

The royal treatment began the minute we arrived at the hotel. Everyone somehow knew it was Allison's birthday, and she was greeted with a bouquet of lollipops! (Of course, Natalie benefited from the royal treatment, as well!)

Look at the sweet baby girl on our lush bed! Just wait until you see the view from our room...

Tada!!! Incredible!

A little shuttle took us down to the beach, where the royal treatment continued.

We were hooked up with buckets full of sand toys, beach balls, and bubbles for the girls. Water botttles, chairs, towels, and umbrellas were also provided.

Natalie's pose says it all... It couldn't have been more perfect!

We went from the beach to the pool for our first swim of the season. (And, Sierra's first swim, ever!) Allison met a new friend right away. So, Natalie and I enjoyed a mother-daughter swim! At the pool, they brought us some gummy candies and popcorn for the girls, as well as t-shirts, hats, and bracelets. At this point, we were wondering if it could get any better?!?!?

Bath time!
When we got back, among other snacks, Allison was brought cupcakes for her birthday. Unbelieveable!

My romantic husband decided to take us a mile down the road to Gen Kai for dinner; the first sushi we ever enjoyed together! Oh my goodness, was it yummy! The perfect end to a great day!

I even ate the deep fried shrimp head this time! I was hoping to shock my husband, but it was no big deal to him!

An evening on the terrace...

Good morning! Day 2: more of the same! Swimming and the beach...

I had to take a picture of some of the details in the hotel. See those caramel apples? Those are GOLD specks on them! And, that table? That's where we ate breakfast. What a view! (The little black specks in the water are surfers!)

Morning stroll...

And, our sweet baby finally passed out in Papa's arms. Thanks for the amazing trip, OCFA! We're definitely buying more raffle tickets next year!

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Karen Hyde said...

Wow! What fun! And I can totally see what you mean about seeing Dawson in Sierra - I could definitely see it in some of those pics! Too funny, and cute!

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