Sunday, March 8, 2009

San Diego part 3

Our 3rd and final day of our trip was spent at Legoland. I must admit, I had low expectations as I heard it wasn't really a toddler place. However, we were shocked at how much we loved it! In fact, there was quite a bit to do since our "little" Natalie is exactly 34 inches, (the minimum requirrement for most rides). Above, Alison is proudly displaying her "Driver's license" from the toddler driving school, and Natalie is giggling her way through the plane ride. Once again, we had virtually no lines the entire day and gorgeous weather... I love San Diego! And, once again, (for grandma), I have posted several more pictures below.

Ok, I have to comment here... we found a place selling "granny apple fries with whip cream dip." Since we love trying out new foods, we had to give these a try. They were awesome! But, definitely not in the healthy category!

One more comment... They had a firefighting ride, where each family has to pump to move your firetruck to a fire, get off the truck and squirt a hose until the "fire" is out, then get back in and pump your truck back. It is literally a race, and they announce the winners. We came in 3 out of 4! (Daniel blames the girls :) )

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Karen Hyde said...

We love Legoland! It was fun to look at your pics and think: we've been there, and there, and there... Glad Natalie was the right height and glad you had fun!

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