Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 was WONDERFUL! My mom actually made the above nativity set out of bread dough 20 years ago! She recently re-painted them and brought them to us. Am I the luckiest, or what?!? I LOVE it!
Daniel used the nativity as he read to the girls from our family Bible, preparing our hearts for Christmas. The girls seemed to enjoy this, and understood quite a bit!
Cozy robes from Santa!
Listening to Papa...
Playing with new gifts...

Cuddle time...
What a face!
A favorite gift... pretend make-up!

My Hello Kitty purse from Daniel.. LOVE it!!

Well... I tried for a sweet sister shot. Maybe next year!!

Our table setter!
Flying fish roe and uni (sea urchin) rolls. What?!?! You didn't have the same thing?

The "tongue" shot. Until next year... Merry Christmas!

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