Thursday, December 3, 2009


Do you know what that is? It's a RAT! A real one... oh my goodness, am I glad I missed that! Daniel and I have been trying to catch this guy for over a year now. He kept alluding us, eating bait and escaping... so we finally decided to try a new trap. And, we caught him the first night! Personally, I would not let my daughter hold that nasty thing. But, my husband is a boy (duh!), and seemed to think it was "cool." I was asleep and awoke to this picture. Yuck! I'm just happy the little pest will no longer be around.


Jennifer said...

That thing is HUGE! I cannot believe she was willing to hole it. I hope he washed her hands real well afterwards. lol

Karen Hyde said...

Ew! I can't believe Allison wanted to hold it! Can you say disinfectant! ;)

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