Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

I've obviously been a little behind on my blogging! Ok, WAY behind! But, I can't skip some of the fun Christmas stuff... So, even though we cleaned the house of all traces of Christmas today, I am going to let it linger on my blog a little longer! Firs, let me tell you about this AWESOME birthday party for Jesus...

First, the kids all had to brainstorm what Christmas is about by coming up with words from each letter of the alphabet. When my girls wanted Jingle bells for "J" rather than Jesus, I knew this was an important party for them!!

The next activity was to talk about all the Christmas things that were on the door, but anything about Jesus was missing... so, the kids had to search he yard for letters that spelled out "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"

Next, Kelley gave each of the kids a figure to hold while she told the birth story of Jesus. As their part came up, they got to bring their figure to the scene!

Just for fun, we had candy cane relays... cocoa and cider...

...and fake SNOW!
We ended with lunch; sandwiches cut into Christmas shapes, and of course a birthday cake. Each kid went home with a candy cane and the story of the candy cane tied to Jesus. It was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! Kelly, you are UH-mazing!!!

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