Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fairy Wonderland!

For Natalie's 3rd birthday, she decided on a fairy theme. My friend's sister runs a great business called Paper & Cake, from which you can download pdf files for almost any themed birthday you like. You then print whichever items you like... (I printed a banner, invitations, thank-you's, and all the other things you see pictured below!)
This turned out to be a very frugal birthday party! Other than the goodies from Paper & Cake, I bought everything I needed from the Dollar Tree. For our first "craft," we colored fairy pages form a dollar store fairy coloring book. Our second craft was a big hit... I bought giant pixy stix, pipe cleaners, and one package of foam butterflies. I had my mom sew 2 butterflies together, along with some thule, and slide them onto the pixy stix. The girls decorated their wands by sprinkling "fairy dust" (glitter) on the wings, and putting beads on the antennas.

Our games were "Princess, princess, fairy," and "Fairy says." I'll let you guess what classics those were! Both were a little difficult for our crowd, but made for some good laughs for the adults!


Our sweet 3 year old!
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