Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Bad picture, but let me explain... We brought some cookies to the neighbors to say "Happy New Year," and I had Allison make a sign to go along with it. I told her how to spell "Year," but she wrote the first two words herself. It says, "Happe Noo Year." I love new spellers!

After dinnner, we had 2010 jello for dessert!

And, we were able to finish our big new puzzle before midnight. It was close, I tell ya! Allison kept checking the clock. (It was complete by 6:44pm... whew!)

And, we started our new year with some 2010 pancakes inspired by Martha Stewart. (No blueberries for Natalie!)

Allison was so proud to use her new knife to try to cut her own pancakes. I had to take over, but she was happy to have tried! Both girls got this cute cutlery from Aunt Carol and Uncle George for Christmas! Now we're watching the rose parade and sipping coffee... Ok, so I am sipping coffee! What a great start to 2010! Praise God for his abundant blessings on our family.


Karen Hyde said...

Those pancakes were cute! But we missed you at breakfast. :(

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Happy New Year!! How funny about the puzzle! Kids are so cute!

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