Thursday, January 14, 2010

Unpacking Valentine Decor

And, here it is... our giant Valentine bin! We actually pulled it down two days ago and still haven't finished decorating. As much as I dislike chaos in the house, God is teaching me that sometimes other things are more important! And, I am finally getting it! I have been totally ok waiting. (I hope this lesson stays!)

The first thing the girls found were leftover heart lollipops from last year! (Yum?!?!)

The second thing they found were the craft items. So, we got right to crafting! I absolutely love these stamps from the dollar section at Target. They have lasted from year to year, and you don't have to worry about the messes of a stamp pad.

Grandma helped them make a "surprise" Valentine's banner. I was only allowed to see this much.

Luckily, the girls don't like sweethearts, so we just use them to make patterns and glue them to crafts!

I printed out a cupid connect-the-dots for each girl from Family Fun. Here is the finished project:

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