Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Firsts...

We had our share of "firsts," yesterday... First, the big girls went to see their very first movie in a movie theater. We have been waiting all summer to do this! The movie was, "Kit Kittredge, American Girl," rated "G." (I love that this theater does free movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in the summer!) Unfortunately, I had to stay home with Sierra, but Daniel did a super job taking pictures for me to blog... 24 to be exact! He even captured the outside of the theater! What a guy!

The girls absolutely can't wait to see "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." We are almost ready to start book 6 of the Narnia series!

I made sure they brought sweatshirts as I always am cold in theaters, and coloring to do before-hand. Apparently, it wasn't too crowded, so getting there 25 minutes early wasn't all that necessary!

The girls, and even Daniel loved the movie. I read the online review at Plugged-In from Focus on The Family first, and they had all positive things to say, as well. Natalie still had a little trouble sitting still, but we expected that. I think we found our next series of books to read!

We also had our first zucchini and green bean harvest. Once again, my husband took some great pictures!

Finally, Allison endorsed her first check, (a birthday present from Uncle Nate!) I'm just realizing that Daniel took these pictures, too. (He is really a blogger at heart, ya know!)

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Jennifer said...

I love that your husband thought to capture all those memories on film (you have trained him well!).

We saw Kit Kitridge on Tuesday and loved it as well. Only, I wasn't expecting to cry throughout most of it. I too cannot wait to start reading the American Girl books with my girls. First, we are going to read Little House on the Prairie.

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