Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In just a few days, Allison will have her first soccer practice! She is on the Lasers; a co-ed team through Hillside church. I, too, started playing soccer when I was five, and would you believe I still remember going to my first practice? My dad took me, and I was crying and not wanting to go because I didn't like how the shin guards made my legs look... Seriously!?!?! Looking back, I cannot believe I was so vain at 5! Once we got there and I saw that everybody had them, I was ok. Luckily, Allison was happy to try hers on, and I don't think the thought ever crossed her mind! Doesn't she look adorable -- suddenly she's a school girl, and no longer a preschooler! I am so excited to go to her games and practices, I can't even tell you. I still have dreams of playing soccer. It was part of my life for so long, until I tore my acl playing about 10 years ago. Natalie will be a cheerleader, so we get to make pom poms some time before her first game. Natalie already has her first cheer, and it is SOOO cute! What a fun time of life!

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Karen Hyde said...

When is practice? Camden's is on Wed. Hope she has a great time! We'll be seeing you on the field, I'm sure.

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