Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Oh, what a special Mothers Day this was. I'm not sure why... but I have had a big smile in my heart all day! It was just my girls and me today, as Daniel had to work. But, I was totally ok with that.

I woke-up to find the most precious card on my computer from Daniel. (He knows where I look first thing in the morning!) We started the day with breakfast, and then headed to the park. This may sound funny, but I love gloomy days, and the weather was just right! We were the only ones there, which was also quite nice. I could let Triscuit run around and chase the ball with no worries of scaring little kiddos.

Next, we walked to Henry's for our favorite muffins. I noticed Allison and Sierra holding hands in the stroller, so I had to stop and take a picture!

We brought our muffins home, cut some fresh roses from the garden, and had a lovely tea party. Natalie was initially upset that there was a strawberry with whip cream on her plate, (my crazy fruit-hating girl!) But, she soon got over it once the tea was poured and the muffins passed around.
Little Sierra took a 3 1/2 hour nap after that; (whew!), which allowed us to watch a movie and play games until supper. Right now the supper dishes are staring at me, and bed is calling my name... I think I'll skip the dishes in honor of Mother's Day, and crawl into bed with my Sunset magazine. Hope you had a blessed Mother's day, too!

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