Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cars Birthday Party

My friend Kelly throws THE most AMAZING birthday parties! This is the 4th one we've been to, and each time I am blown away. She needs to be a party planner. Seriously. So, do you want to see what I mean? Check out her son's 5th Cars birthday party:
Upon arrival, there are Cars and tracks everywhere to keep the kids busy. There is a Cars Motel (tent) and tables with Cars stickers and puzzles. Once all the kids arrive, the real creativity begins. Each kid was able to pick out a car to drive! (I just loved little Mator!)

Before the kids could drive their cars, however, they had to give them a tune-up, fill the tires with air, fill the car with gas, and give it a car wash.... how fun is that!?!?!? (Don't mind Natalie's face.... she was caught off-guard by the camera!)
Next, it was off to the front yard for some car racing and red light, green light!

(My poor girls always came in last.... they didn't seem to mind, though!)
Next, the kids got stickers to decorate their own race cars, and then we raced their balloon cars. This was the only idea mommy was not so fond of, because she almost passed out blowing 2 balloons over and over! :)

And, after the pizza came the cake. Just look at Lightning McQueen! Great, awesome, super duper job, Kelly!

Natalie agrees!

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Karen Hyde said...

WOW! I'll have to call her when I throw my boys parties! Or maybe I'll just "borrow" her ideas from your blog. ;) How fun!

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