Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Simple Bird Feeders

So, we found these awesome pinecones on our walk to the park, yesterday, and decided to turn them into bird feeders. I had seen this project many times before in various places, but had never tried it myself. It was a little harder than I had anticipated for the girls to spread the peanut butter well, but they certainly enjoyed trying. And, I was shocked at how much peanut butter they just ate! They never seem to want p,b, and j sandwiches, so I just assumed they weren't big fans of peanut butter... wrong! Anyway, it was a sweet project and I hope the birds come visit us, soon!


The Texas Butlers said...

Looks like your dog is eyeing the pinecone!

Mama Duck said...

You have inspired me!!
I am usually thwarted by the potential mess that spreading their own peanut butter etc...would create BUT, that's half the fun!! Cute, Cute girls and wonderful mommy!!

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