Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A touch of organization

By now, this picture probably looks quite familiar... Allison siting at our kitchen table painting! This morning she found this wooden ladybug in one of our craft bins, and asked to paint it right away. Well, since most of our mornings start out with a similar pattern, I feel like I am always cleaning craft supplies of some sort. Therefore, our laundry room sink, (or our "craft sink"), looks like this:

Or, at least it used to. So, yesterday we had decided to go to Ikea to look at a few various things, (and to let the girls play since they think it is a playground for them), and I discovered these. The most exciting part? They were only $1.99 each... we left Ikea for under $10. That has to be a record! Here is the "after" shot:

Unfortunately, our sweet Triscuit pup decided to eat one of the twist ties that came with it. He spent the whole morning throwing-up, and $340 later the wire was discovered floating down his intestine. Our "free" dog has cost us quite a bit! So much for spending under $10 at Ikea! Anyway, have I ever given you a tour of our laundry room? It is my favorite room because 1) it is orange, and 2) it is dog-themed! Here is a quick tour:

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