Monday, May 4, 2009

Mystery Plant

Several weeks back, I was doing some weeding and noticed a curious little plant in our front yard.  It was tiny, really, and I assumed it was a weed and started to pull it.  For some reason, I stopped... I was curious to see exactly what it was, as I didn't recognize this "weed!"  Apparently, the same thing happened with Daniel.  

As of yesterday, we have a bunch of blossoms and I have a suspicion I know what it might be.  We're both guessing that some Halloween pumpkin seeds somehow planted themselves there, because this looks a lot like a pumpkin plant.  At least, a squash of some sort...

What do you think?


The Texas Butlers said...

First thought...cantaloupe. But also looks like pumpkin. I have both in my garden, we should do a comparison shot. 100% positive, it is not a weed.

Karen Hyde said...

Yup, I'd go with pumpkin. We planted those for a long time and never made it to full sized pumpkins... watch out for fungas! Every year some kind of fungas found the leaves and gradually ate up the whole plant. Very frustrating! Good luck!

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