Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring preschool

Today at preschool we celebrated the arrival of spring! I was SO happy to finally use my new Cricut I got for Christmas to make this banner read "spring."

After a couch talk about spring, and a reading of the story, "What is Easter?" we began our first activity... tracing the letter "f" and coloring a flower!

Next, the kids each got a little pail and searched the living rom for mini chocolate eggs!

I got the idea for these sweet Easter lillies from Family Fun. (Any craft that traces the hand at this tender age I find precious!)
Gel clings for the window are always fun! I found these Easter ones at the dollar section of Target!

Next came an obstacle course race... done holding as many eggs as possible without dropping them!

SNACK TIME! We made "nests" with a "bark" base (graham crackers), "mud," (peanut butter), "sticks," (pretzels), and "leaves," (dried apples). I take full credit for this original idea! (Most of my ideas are stolen from books, blogs, or my own childhood memories!)

Unfortunately, I forgot to fill them with jelly bean eggs... but, I'm pretty sure the kids didn't need the extra sugar today!

Our final craft was coloring a spring puzzle. Natalie even took hers apart and successfully put it back together!

We ended with lunch, and then dessert. Natalie helped me in the kitchen while the other "helpers" played outside!

Daniel found these adorable "3d" cookie cutters last summer, so this was our first time using them. Only T really got te concept, as you will see below:

A delicious end to a super fun day!

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