Monday, November 10, 2008

About 6 years ago, Daniel and I went to a home show and saw a booth with these ugly shoes that were supposedly very comfortable. I looked at Daniel and said, "These things are so ugly that they might just become popular... wouldn't it be funny to see everyone walking around in these!?" Sure enough, it happened. If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm talking about Crocs! And, what kid doesn't have a pair of Crocs these days? As for me, I have changed my mind... I now think they are adorable on kids! So, today I bought us girls matching crocs for our trip... "Minnesota style." (With warm fuzzy fur inside; isn't that fun?)


The Texas Butlers said...

Too funny. I also said how ugly they were when I first saw them. Now Eli has two or three pairs and David has a pair. They are adorable on Eli but just as adorable on David. Love the fuzzy ones, I'll have to check those out.
Have fun on your trip! Sounds like fun!!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Those new ones are cute! And you'll need them up there! Have a wonderful time!

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