Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy end-of- Thanksgiving! For most of you, it's probably time for a turkey sandwich snack! For us, there is no turkey... I just realized the other day that since meeting Daniel, I have not had a traditional Thanksgiving with turkey! But, that's ok... we had a feast of our own! We had a great time with Daniel's parents, aunt, and cousins, and enjoyed Chinese hot pot, (kind of like fondue), sushi, sashimi, stir-fried noodles, and sticky rice! I did make some pumpkin bread for breakfast with the girls, so we at least had something of a traditional food today!

Since Natalie didn't get her nap, she fell asleep at 5pm, and I put her to bed... only to have Allison wake her at 6pm. So, right now she's watching "Baby Santa" (The Christmas Baby Einstein). As I'm sitting here listening to the music in the background, I am SO excited to decorate tomorrow! Several neighbors put up lights today, so from now until Christmas our evening walk to the mailbox will take a long detour around the block!

Enjoy these pictures, and know I am thankful for you!

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