Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wisconsin, part 1

After Minnesota and the wedding, we headed to Wisconsin for a few days to see our good friends, Rhonda and Dave, and their 3 adorable boys. We were welcomed with a basement all set-up for us with a welcome sign, candy on our pillow, and coloring books with glitter crayons for the girls. What a welcome!

The girls jumped right into the toys and slept as if it were their own home the next 3 nights! We enjoyed yummy meals that I didn't have to cook or plan, and playing cards after the kids went to bed! It was the perfect vacation, if you ask me!
So, R and D have a beautiful home, with lots of fun ideas to steal! The one that I will steal right away is having a little basket with all the kids Holiday books in it. Of course, theirs was filled with Thanksgiving books, which I won't have time to do this year.... but, I can't wait to buy a cute basket for all the girls' Christmas books! Perhaps Allison and I can even decorate it! Thanks for the fun ideas and your gracious hospitality, R and D! We miss you!
Stay tuned tomorow when I blog about our trip to Wasau's little art museum... lots of fun ideas for kids Thanksgiving crafts!! For now, here are some more pictures of our time in WI.

Homemade Mac and Cheese... our girls even ate all their broccoli!

A trip to the Cheese Museum... it was freezing cold outside! We got to try cheese curds, and the girls enjoyed watching the cheese being made! Doesn't sweet Micah look like Popeye in this picture? :)

Afternoon playdoh time.

Levi has a thing about making his name out of food. I think it is so cool!

Reuben is an amazing builder... Look at what they built!

Our yummy fajita fiesta!

They got caught holding hands... Isn't this adorable?


Rhonda said...

AWWWW!! Such great pictues. . . We had a WONDERFUL time with you guys! (Favorite memory: Ace and 6) Miss you!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

So cute!!

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