Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wisconsin Part 2

As promised, today I will brag... I mean, blog about our museum day! As you can see, even the walk into the museum was beautiful!

One of their 5 turkey crafts was simply painting at the easel... what kid doesn't love that?

They also had a special color-wonder turkey page to paint. Allison was excited to see the colors magically appear!

I thought this one was pretty cool. First, they gave the kids contact paper cut into a semi-circle of feathers. The girls got to stick a bowling pin-shaped body/head onto the middle, then add "real" feathers to the sticky part of the contact paper... no messy glue! When finished, they sprinkled sand over the remaining white spots to both give the body a brown feel, add texture, and take care of the rest of the sticky's. How clever!

Here. the girls got a coffee filter folded in half. After they colored it, the helper squirted it with water so the colors would run together... then they glued on the bowling-pin shaped head/body.

There were even snacks and Thanksgiving stories. It was so awesome! Did I mention all this was FREE? I didn't even mention all the crafts and fun things they had for the kids to do, but I hope some of these ideas will give you a fun project with your toddler on Thanksgiving!

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jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Fun ideas! I'll have to try some next year!

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