Friday, August 7, 2009

Bubble paints

I'm back, I'm back! Oh, how I wish it were because we got a new camera. Daniel dug out our old camera, and he has to download pictures for me... and, they're not very good! But, at least it's something! Good news: we should be getting our broken camera replaced for free, since it was so new. Yay!!! Bad news... I'm not sure when. We have to wait... I guess I can learn some patience!

Pictured above is Allison doing some "bubble painting." I got the idea from some blog... sorry, I don't remember where now! But, basically you add food coloring to the bubbles, and they're suppose to make colored circles on your paper as they pop. I don't know if mine wasn't strong enough, but the bubble circles were very faint. Of course, Allison just had fun doing it, so I would recommend it!

I have a few more pictures downloaded, so I should be able to blog a few more times before the new camera arrives. Until then, here is a list of a few of our activities the last few days, (for which we have no pictures!)
  • 4 mile hike this morning enjoying this awesome cooler weather!
  • trip to Scandia, again enjoying the cooler weather, and especially having fun racing down the giant slide!
  • taking the girls bowling for the first time... did you know they have ramps for little kids that are so awesome? Natalie bowled over 100!! We then went to BJ's for dinner, and the kids ate so well. (a miracle, for Natalie!)
It's good to be back... I've missed you!!!

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Karen Hyde said...

Welcome back! We missed you too!

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