Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Learning to sew!

Remember my New Year's resolution? (By now, you've probably forgotten your own, so I don't expect you to remember mine?!?!) I wanted to learn to sew! I had my one bummer of a lesson from JoAnn's in January, but never touched a sewing machine. Determined to follow-through with my resolution, I recently called a friend who sewed her own wedding dress! Our first project... curtains to replace the doors in the girls' closet.

While I didn't help much, I did learn a lot. And, I did practice sewing on the scraps. We decided to put pockets on the bottom of the curtains for the girls to hide random things in. I think they turned out so cute! The best part? They match my window valance that was actually a pillow case on clearance at Ikea. These curtains were also on clearance, as they no longer make this color. I was super excited to find them! I included a picture (above) which just shows the cute clearance rugs I found for our new laminate floors. Below is the window valance, and below that the curtains. I can't wait to practice s'more!

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The Texas Butlers said...

So cute Cara. You are so creative.

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