Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So, I have a little problem! I made these adorable tiles with some MOPS gals this summer, and decided I wanted to display them rather than just having another set of coasters. In my head, all looked well. I wanted to hang a bar with 3 ribbons coming down, and 3 coasters on each. I found a towel rack to use as the bar, and some fun ribbon from JoAnn's. I also know how to sew now, so at least I can sew the ends of the ribbon into a loop. So, what's my problem?


Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks, my crafty friends.


Jennifer said...

I have no idea! But, I think both Michelle Postel and Stephanie Jones did this with their tiles. Give them a call.

Hino Kids said...

So fun! I would try to use the strongest glue you could find or/and some HEAVY duty velcro....for mine I used gorilla glue and glued a metal hook in the middle of the tile...I then streamed the ribbon through, tied a knot, and then continued to stream through the next hook on the next the very rim of the tile (top and bottom) on the back I sewed on heavy duty velcro pieces to double make sure they wouldn't fall off but so that it would also be flat against the wall and not lean.... does this all make sense? My biggest fear is that the tile would fall off the ribbon, to this day I only hang it on a wall over a carpeted area, I am so fearful that it will come crashing down! Have fun!

The Texas Butlers said...

Velco is a great idea. I'm going to be emailing you about making these. I think I'll do it for our October MOPS craft!

The Garrido Family said...

Gosh I have no clue...sorry! But I love the idea of how you want it to look! Melissa's sounds good too! I need to make more tiles! The B&W look awesome!!!

Amy said...

just found you through "inspiring ideas" with the color egg carton activity... so cute!

I love these tiles, they are adorable! One thing I do when i'm hanging something and I'm worried it could crash down... just make it look like it's actually hanging on the ribbon.... sounds weird, but it works for me.

Or maybe you could find something heavy duty to go over the ribbon on the back of the tile... and velcro is a great idea too.

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