Sunday, September 21, 2008


I know church is not about having a pastor who is a "great speaker."
It's not about amazing programs, awesome decor, or even incredible worship.
Basically, I know church is not about me; it's about Him!
And, that is why I so love my church...
We have a pastor who does not cater to pleasing everyone;
He simply speaks the truth of the Bible in love.
Our worship does not feel like a concert;
it is God-directed, and the Holy Spirit shows up!
Most importantly, it is filled with intercessors who are always praying!
I was just feeling so blessed to have our church today that I had to blog about it.
I have been slacking on my Bible-reading this week, and left church ready to dive into God's Word!
I was also joyfully singing the awesome hymn "It is well," that we sung this morning all day.
Praise God for our Country!
Praise God for our freedom!
Praise God for Water of Life Community Church!
If you would like to check out today's message, here is the link:
Then, click on "sermons, and today's date (9/21/08)

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