Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The "Fall Mix"

It all started back in college... I had loved candy corn as a kid, but by college it had lost its appeal. That is, until I discovered it paired up with some peanuts! Suddenly it took on a new life. Upon moving back to California, I added some fall-colored m&m's, and VOILA! The "Fall Mix" was born.
Close friends of mine show-up at the house looking for it once the fall decorations are up. They also know there are "rules" that go along with the fall mix, such as it is "illegal" to pick out your favorites, (i.e. just m&m's), unless there is another person eating just the other items to balance you out.

I always enjoy introducing the fall mix to new people. It is especially fun to try to find exactly the right combo... I would share with you mine, but it seems to change each year. This year I think I like 3 peanuts, 2 candy corn, and 1 m&m in each bite. Even my husband enjoys the fall mix, which is great for me because there are many sweets he does not enjoy! Something about the salted peanuts makes it just right for him!

So, next time you're in the area stop on by for some fall mix... we'd love to have you!


The Texas Butlers said...

Oh, I missed out. I love candy corn but I agree, it can be pretty powerful by itself.

Rhonda said...

Gotta add chocoloate chips to the fall mix! Also the rule that you ARE allowed to "aim" your hand to a specific area, just not PICK! Very important rule. . .

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