Friday, September 26, 2008

Perfect Day

Last night I explained to Daniel just how today should go... ideally, of course! Today was one of those awesome days where everything went as planned! We started the morning at Adventure City; an amusement park designed for kids 13mos. - 6 yrs. old. The girls had a blast! It is such a cute little place. On the drive home, both girls fell asleep; (just as we had hoped!)

We got home and actually had time to ourselves! We then woke them up just in time to go pick-up a pizza and their babysitter. It was our first time hiring a "real" babysitter, and the girls were super excited! As for Daniel and I, we went out to dinner and were able to try a new restaraunt before heading to see the sold-out opening of "Fireproof." We were both very impressed. It is an awesome movie, so well-written and full of humor as well as important marital lessons.

I'm off to bed with a huge smile! (Sorry... we took no pictures today!)

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