Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Since posting the bunk bed story, I think I have had about a dozen people ask me if I'm pregnant, again. The answer: nope. But, I have decided that YOU, my faithful readers, will be the first to know when we do get pregnant, again. So, read those future blogs carefully!

On another note, the girls are doing great in their new beds! After I read them each a story on the red chair, I say "Ok, go get in your big girl beds!" They both get a huge smile, and fly off my lap. I think it's adorable!

Last night I heard them talking, so I opened the door to make sure they were both still in bed. (They were!) So, I said "Good night, again." Allison said in a sweet voice, "Don't worry, mom... I'll encourage Natalie... NATALIE, ZIP IT!" It was pretty funny!

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The Texas Butlers said...

Since I didn't ask and it didn't even cross my mind...are you pregnant again? Just joking of course.

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