Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Texas Time!

I usually love this time of day... the girls are all clean and smelling like their strawberry shampoo mixed with lavender lotion; their room is all clean, the house is quiet, and I have "time to myself." But, as I was tucking them in tonight, it suddenly occurred to me that I won't see them until Sunday! No longer was I anticipating this time, but an unexpected sadness came over me. I have been so looking forward to my get-away to the MOPS convention in Texas that I never really thought I would be sad leaving my girls.

But I am!

This feeling caught me off-guard! I am sure all will be well when I eat my warm meals that I didn't have to cook without being interrupted, and I go a whole weekend without having to pick-up any toys, clean-up any crafts, change any diapers, settle any toddler arguments, watch any Dora, or exercise any dogs. I can even sit in a spa and relax with a cup of coffee and some chocolate that I don't have to hide or share! Ok, I'm talking myself into feeling better... But, there is still a slight feeling of not wanting to leave my girls.

I suppose that's a good thing!

I am looking forward to returning refreshed, renewed, and ready for the upcoming busy season! I will be away from any computers, so I won't write until I get back! Until then... Here's what I hope to look like all weekend. :)

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