Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Boo

Our "baby" Natalie is 22 months old, today! It was a little chilly this morning, so I looked through Allison's old long-sleeve shirts and came across her "BOO" shirt. It "fits" Natalie so well, not only in the size, but the fact that it says "BOO." (That happens to be one of our nicknames for her... We think she looks just like little Boo on Monster's Inc. when she wears her spunky pigtails.)

Anyway, I had to put her hair up in pigtails this morning to match her Boo shirt, which is usually no big deal. For some reason, however, she was a little fussy as I was combing her hair and kept saying "No." So, Allison piped in and said, "Mom... you should respect Natalie when she says no, right?" We've been talking a lot about what respect means lately, and I think she's getting it! :)
p.s. We didn't take any pictures today in the Boo shirt, so here are the girls coloring nicely the other day for almost 40 minutes... it was wonderful!!

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