Friday, October 10, 2008

Crescent creations

We are very fond of Pilsbury crescent rolls here in the Yeh house. It all began with the simple addition of chocolate chips... yummy! Since Daniel isn't a huge fan of chocolate, we had to think up something else. So, next came our cinnamon/ brown sugar crescents. From there, it sprouted to new and exciting ideas. To date, we have filled our crescents with the following:

  • chocolate chips

  • cinnamon/ brown sugar

  • cinnamon/ brown sugar and chocolate chips

  • cheese

  • ham and cheese

  • little smokies

  • jelly

  • peanut butter and jelly

  • peanut butter and chocolate chips

  • pumpkin pie filling, cinnamon/ brown sugar

Since this morning was another true "fall morning," I decided to do the pumpkin pie-filled crescents and I even added mini chocolate chips. Now, I suppose, we have another one to add to the list! Anyway, I hope you are enjoying this fall day as much as we are, and let me know if you have other filling ideas!

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The Texas Butlers said...

Yum! I like the pumpkin pie filling idea. I just made some pumpkin bread. Fall has arrived here. It's been cool (in the 80's during the day) and the nights have been even cooler. We open all the windows in the hour to take advantage of the cool breeze. Loving it!

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