Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Lately, Daniel and I have been noticing just how similar Allison and Natalie seem to be. They definitely have their distinct looks and personalities, but they have also hit many milestones at the same time. For example, both of them had "Mama" as their first word, (good girls), and said it while driving to San Mateo... weird, I know! Both of them crawled at 8 months and one week, and both walked at 13 months and one week. And, when I talk to them on the phone I can't tell them apart other than the fact that Natalie doesn't have the vocabulary, yet. Their voices on the phone are identical! Now check this out: Below is a picture of Allison napping at 22 months, followed by Natalie napping at (almost) 22 months.
I must admit, this one scares me a bit... After all, Allison gave-up napping on her 2nd birthday and Natalie's 2nd birthday is only 2 months away! YIKES!!!

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