Monday, October 6, 2008

Stay Tuned!

I am now back from Texas, and here's what I came home to...

  • the sweetest husband in the world who had a muffin and sparkling water for me in the car in case I was hungry

  • two sweet girls with huge smiles and crafts that they had made for me

  • a house all cleaned with the shower scrubbed, and our bed made with the pillows all fluffed

Am I the luckiest girl ever???

As for the conference, I have 1 word... INCREDIBLE! As predicted, I was refreshed and renewed by the speakers and the worship. What I didn't expect was all the laugh-til-you-cry moments with the awesome gals in my MOPS group. That was priceless!

For each day that I was gone, I put together a Halloween craft for the girls to make. So, each day they got to choose a special bag and discover what the craft would be. Therefore, I purposely didn't bring a camera to my convention in hopes that I would see pictures and videos of the girls while I was gone. And, they didn't disappoint; here are some of my favorites!

Now, Stay Tuned as I will try to post all the awesome mommy resources I collected while there... you won't want to miss them!

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