Friday, October 24, 2008


Up to this point, I haven't really considered myself a true "blogger." While I have enjoyed doing it myself and checking up on my friends, I hadn't really ventured off into "strangers' blogs..." until now! (In fact, I did get one comment from someone I didn't know, and that surprised me and prompted me to do some checking of my own! Thanks, "3 sisters!")

As I was reading the most spiritually inspirational blog I follow, (Maralyn's blog), I came across a comment from someone who had the cutest little tag, so I decided to check out her blog. Her blog is definitely the most creatively inspirational I have ever seen! I think I read every entry, and then realized this could become crazy... from her blog, I linked onto several other cool blogs, and found all sorts of fun gadgets, and started to realize just what's out there! Yikes! Now I really have to put limits on myself!

Let me summarize quickly some of the things I liked, and then you have to check her out!
  • Her blog is full of beautiful pictures of things you can do in your home.
  • She is an artist, and sells some cool prints on ETSY that I will be getting soon.
  • She is very simple, and her ideas are practical as well as inspirational.
Ok, my friends... check out "Inspiring Ideas"


DeniseC said...

I just checked out this website and bookmarked it to peruse later. Looks cool, though! I have been wanting some inspirational wall art for the house but haven't found anything that isn't "country". Thanks for the tip. Hope you all are feeling better!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Thank you!!! So sweet!! REALLY appreciate th plug!!!

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