Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Week Home...

Just one week ago today, Sierra and I came home from the hospital to this cute sign on the door made by the big sisters; (with a little help from Grandma, of course!) They were so proud to not only show me the sign, but to tell me they had cleaned the front porch and the front door!

Inside, all the Halloween decor was put away, and all Thanksgiving items displayed. It was a wonderful homecoming!

While in the hospital, Sierra underwent 2 tests to try to determine the cause of her severe hydronephrosis. It was determined that her right kidney is partially blocked, and she will need to see a pediatric urologist. This was actually "good" news, in that we were afraid it might be totally blocked. She has an appointment for the end of this month, and I will be sure to keep you updated!

For now, Sierra is such a content, sweet baby. She eats , sleeps, and fills diapers very well! To be honest, I had a total peace about her kidney right up until she was born, and the doctor was telling us about the procedures to determine what was wrong. Suddenly, and unexpectedly I felt fear start to creep in. Perhaps it was because I could finally hold this precious gift, and was already so in love.

As soon as the doctor left, God reminded me to go to His Word. Almost as quickly as the fear came, it left, and I was once again covered in peace! I am so thankful for God's Word. As Psalm 91 says, "...His faithful promises are your armor and protection..."


Karen Hyde said...

Aren't welcome home signs great? Dawson's sign is still hanging up on his bedroom door. I think I'll leave it there until he moves out. ;)

The Garrido Family said...

Congratulations Yeh Family! Adorable sign and Thanksgiving decorations. I will be praying for your baby! She is beautiful like her sisters!

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