Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tea Party Picnic

Perhaps I shouldn't have done a collage for this entry because the pictures are too small to capture the details... So, let me tell you about them!

Today, Allison decided to have a tea party picnic with her friends. She set it up completely on her own, and it included the following:
  • flower/ berry centerpiece. (Isn't it pretty?)
  • name tags for Natalie and Ella, (my doll from when I was a kid!)
  • "favors" (pretend blueberries and chocolate cookies)
I was so impressed, I had to blog about it! When the neighbors came over to join them, they tied a jump rope, (completely on their own), so poor little Nathan couldn't "mess it up." Awww...

Today I am thankful for precious little girls and their tea parties! Now I'm off to get ready for Thanksgiving!

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