Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

We celebrated our very first traditional Thanksgiving... and it was WONDERFUL! Thanks to blog land, I found several fun ideas that helped us along the way. From "This Little Project" we found the game "Don't eat Tom Turkey," which my girls LOVED. From "Family Fun," I got the Thanksgiving Activity place mats, as well as the pumpkin name cards. Finally, from "Be Different Act Normal" I got the idea for "turkey toe jars." Of course, my girls loved munching on those!

The girls also did the traditional "trace your hand" turkeys, which I always remember doing as a kid. But, I did come up with one original idea. We took mini terra cotta pots, painted them in chalkboard paint, turned them upside down, glued them to cardboard circles that we painted black, and painted white belts to make them look like pilgrim hats. (Allison kept saying she wished the pilgrims had worn pink!) We then stuck our place card name holders in them. I set them on the table with a piece of chalk, and we all wrote what we are thankful for on them. We then read Linoln's Thanksgiving proclamation about how we are to give thanks to God, and read Psalm 100. The girls really seemed to understand, and it was very meaningful.

Allison not only helped Daniel with the cooking, but insisted on setting the table, including the centerpiece. So, I had to forego any thoughts of fun or fancy centerpieces, but it was beautiful anyway!

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