Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Grandma....

It's almost your granddaughter's 5th birthday, and I have a few ideas for you... (Ok, so they are more for me, but still...) I would get them myself, but
  1. They are too expensive to buy.
  2. I am not half as talented as you are to replicate them myself.
Now, these are fun ideas, but I know you could do an even better job. Why? I have seen your work, and you are UH-MAZING! So... (in your spare time)... if you are feeling inspired, here are the two items I love:

The tutorial for this birthday card holder can be found HERE. I think it's adorable, but could probably use a few more wires.

Remember how I asked you to make a felt playhouse for over our dining room table? So much for thinking I was original... In case you need more inspiration, you can find more pictures HERE.

Your loving daughter

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