Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teeth Day!

As promised, our home preschool theme for today was "teeth day." Ms. H did most of the work, and she did an amazing job! First, she read a poem about teeth for the kids to try to guess the theme.

Next, the kids all looked in the mirror to count their teeth. Then we graphed the results! (Can you tell both Mrs. H and I are math teachers?)

Next we counted out the same number of marshmallows as teeth we had counted. Then we folded red paper plates in half and glued the marshmallows on.

Mrs. H cut out some giant teeth that were yellow with "plaque." So, we brushed them with "toothpaste" (white paint), until they were completely white.

My favorite part... Look at this snack! Too fun... and somewhat healthy... and yummy!

We learned to brush top, bottom, front, back, and in-between using egg cartons and shaving cream!
Oh, wait... I have another favorite part! "Mrs. Floss!" She had eaten some green "play doh" and the kids had to floss it out of her teeth.

Floss art -- a messy idea, but fun none-the less!

Finally, a maze to determine the healthy way to take care of your teeth. A perfect way to review all that we learned.

Oh -- and, once the marshmallow teeth dried, they chased me all over the house! :)


Karen Hyde said...

What fun! You guys are so creative!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

That's it Cara. I'm moving next door so I can get my kids in on the action! You and your gang are WAY too cool! Love it as always!

Shannon Cecil said...

I wanna go to your pre-school!

Shannon Cecil said...

Ok Cara,
We are starting our "Dental Health" unit tomorrow with a couple friends and I am stealing a couple of these ideas! I will let you know how it goes...

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